Wood Elf Tactics

When you are mustering your Wood Elf troops it is important to remember that they have low strength and toughness, and very little armour. As a result, do not expect them to last long in a toe-to-toe fight. You therefore need to use the Wood Elves’ strengths to win the day - strike at range with your archers and stike with speed.

Start with your General, work out what role he will have - defensive or offensive - and tool him appropriately. Wood Elf generals are not the toughest in the Warhammer world so I go for defensive. Bow of Loren and a potion of strength are two good items for him. Put him on a unicorn and position him with your archers so they benefit from its natural dispel magic and anti-daemon aura. The other alternative is to place him with your glade riders.

Battle Standard bearers in a wood elf army tend to be a waste of points. All your troops have good leadership and stand a good chance of making most leadership tests. Wood elf battle standard bearers are expensive and can not do much else than stand there holding his standard (and provide easy VPs for your oponent).

Your archers must form the backbone of your army. You will have to whittle down your enemy before engaging. Concentrate your fire and get some early panic tests. All that said, they are not going to win the day for you, especially against heavily armoured opponents. Scouts and Waywatchers are archers which can be used as advanced harassment troops but do not forget, they are still archers. Do not assault with them by themselves.

Dryads and Treemen are your main assault troops, they can hit hard and have multiple wounds so they can take some damage. Wardancers can be effective at tying up your opponent but are unlikely to win by themselves against large units with large rank bonus. Toughness-wise, they are still elves.

For speed, you have your chariots, warhawk riders and glade riders. Chariots can be lethal if you get the charge. Therefore always take four steeds and deploy with care. Have a goal in mind before you place them and avoid intervening obstacles. There are pros and cons for either warhawk or glade riders but both work best as harassment troops and in a co-ordinated change against your enemy’s flanks or rear.

As a personal quirk, I believe that animals play a big part in the defense of Athel Loren. So do not forget to include them in your army. Giant eagles are strong, fly, have multiple wounds and high leadership so consider them for air support. Unicorns also fit very well into the wood elf theme and make great character mounts. A hero mounted on a suitable monster can give you some needed punch, but do not be too beardy and keep it within the theme of your army! I have a hero mounted on griffon but only give him war paint for protection as he is nearly as feral as the griffon he rides. You would have to be slightly crazy to ride a griffon.

Oh... I forgot about Glade Guards... Exactly, forget them. In small armies you are probably better off with more archers. With their spears they are a defensive unit. The only real use is if you are trying to defend a table square or piece of terrain.

Talking about terrain, use it and deployment to your advantage. Deploy in the woods and flank your opponents. Use the wood elf's special abilities to make up for their low toughness. Remember that most Wood Elf troops do not stand up well when fighting alone. Make sure your troops support each other. Dominate the skies with your warhawks and giant eagles. Take out your opponents war machines before they decimate your regiments.

Magic Items

A must for any wood elf army is the Bow of Loren (give this to your general) and Hail of Doom Arrows (give this to a Waywatcher or scout champion). Do not go overboard with magic. Wood elves by themselves are already expensive and easy to kill so do not stack too muc on the one character.

Lasted Updated 5 August, 1999.