These are the only equivalent to core units that you have. With excellent range of 36" and a -1 save modifier they are good at most things except heavily armoured knights. I usually deploy thirty or more divided into units of 10-15. I consider giving them a champion is a waste of points, however, a standard is always useful. The Banner of Wrath is a rather good choice. Avoid hand-to-hand combat at all costs if you arenīt sure you are going to win, rember that if you flee from a flyers diving charge he cannot pursue.


These and waywatchers are, in my humble opinion, the best units you get. With BS 5 and abilty to deploy almost anywhere they are a bane to all light cavalry and warmachines.I often place these on my opponentīs flanks as the deployment zone often ends 12" from the table edge and he probably wonīt place any units facing the flanks there it shouldnīt be a problem fining a good place to deploy them. If you place them in a wood they are great for drawing out Night Goblin fanatics. Watch out for h-t-h combat by moving them around most of the time, preferably outside the opposing units sight. Once I ran around a chaos warrior unit trying to face me. I moved out of sight every turn and shot them to pieces (It took five turns).


See abobe except that they should be placed in a wood to avoid beeing seen and make full use of their traps.

Glade Guards

Actually I don't see any meaning at all having these expensive and poor h-t-h fighters at all. They donīt look good either. Leave them at home, take wardancers instead.


These special troops are only useful if you play against any T3 opponent, otherwise they wonīt cause any damage with their S of three. I think the new rules that you can't use the same wardance two turns in a row really lets them down. However, this is almost outweighted by their natural dispel and immune to psychology. I think itīs quite clear what the different wardances are good for. You should always use the shadows coil the first round of combat to get rid of the special rules of skaven assassins and such. A wardancer champion is a rather good choice but an ordinary hero should also be included with some items that are useful for the entire unit such as the Power and Battle stone of LeMarquis. Watch out for enemy missile fire. Hide in woods and behind other obstacles or if there isnīt any other choice, behind your archers. If you manage to get a hill in your deployment zone place some archers in front of it. Always support them with other troops such as treemen or chariots. A unit of ten with a banner bearer should do fine.


They are useful shock troops together with glade riders. Try to squeeze in as many crewmen as you can to make them tougher. Equip them with as much equipment you can, it doesn't cost very much anyway. Always have scythed wheels. Charge in together with gladeriders if you can and try to avoid missile fire.

Glade riders

I love these troops. Equip them with lances and shields, nothin else.' and place two or three characters in the unit. A hero, a master mage and a champion should do fine. The characters are all armed with lances and the banner bearer should carry the banner of might. Donīt charge enemy units in the front, instead you should try to outflank them or if you are up to skaven or chaos with no missile troopsspend some time to get around their flank and charge in from behind at the same time as you charge from the from with chriots or treemen. That should mash up any unit quite good. A unit of eight plus standard and three characters for a total of twelve makes a solid unit. Just watch out for missile fire. This can be avoided with the ruby chalice.


They are the most powerful guys you get with T7, S6, Ws 8 ,four attacks and excellent special rules make these an essential unit for most armies. Their Rooted t the spot ability prevents them from being overhelmed by hordes of goblins or so. Just attack anything with them, they can beat up most things. I've even killed a dragon once with Durthu the Treeman. Giants are unpleasant with their thump with club attack where you should roll under your I or suffer D6 wounds, avoid them. You should try to move in woods and wait fo anemy units to come within charge distance. This protecs you from unpleasant organ guns and cannons. Overequipped characters can also be a problem, take care of them with a powerful character with the Sword of Destruction.


They are extremely good against opponents with one attack, such as skaven are elves. A unit of six can take on loads of ordinary troops using their willow aspect, however, they are not unstoppable and should be supported with treemen or chariots. Characters can be a problem and warmachines as well. Take on these with flyers.

Warhawk Riders

These warhawk mounted elites are useful for routing warmachine crews ans skirmishers. Always include a hero with a lance and maybe a mage. The hero should have the Power and Battle stone of LeMarquis if you havenīt already used them. With these items they are a powerful shock unit as the warhawks also get the +1S and attack bonus. Consider giving them a banner bearer. Take care of enemy missile troops early with other troops to avoid the warhawks being shot to pieces.



I often mount my general on a great eagle, armed with a lance and the sword of destruction if I am up to dwarfs with their extremely expansive runeitems they usually carries. Just charge at the same time as a treeman or so and most charcters die. Just donīt try this with a Chaos lord of Khorne. If you are playing against someone that desnt rely on magic items that much the Bow of Loren, Hail of Doom arrow, a lance and some protcetion should work fine.The Bow of Loren is one of my favourite items as it effectively allows the general to fight a round of h-t-h combat with a greater chance to hit and no risk of getting hurt. The Bow of Loren is also very useful for picking out characters out walking for themselves. Another risky option is to mount him ona forest dragon and destroy as much as he can. The sword of Destruction is VERY useful here as it dispels drgonslaying weapons and other nasty tricks your opponent has. But there is always the risk of getting fried by an unpleasant spell or a cannon shot. You'll have to try to eliminate these threats as soon as possible to have your dragon wipe the floor with your opponents.


These should be your main unit leaders. They are decent h-t-h fighters and good canditates of the essential Hail of Doom arrow. They should mainly be used to bost the units capabilities with items as the Power or Battlestone of LeMarquis or the Ruby Chalice.


I donīt recommend these at all, they die far too easily. Use heroes instead.

Army standard bearer

I don't recommend these for the same reason as the champion. This one also attracts an unhealthy amount of attention. Leave them at home.

Wardancer Champions

As above, they die too easily. Even so I try to include one to make the wardancer unit a bit tougher. Just donīt use any expensive magic items.


I don't have any mages better than master, I often use Ariel as my mage lord but the ordinary ones can be included in units and carry dispel magic scrolls or such. A nice item is also Bufo's hex scroll. Imagine Nagash turning into a toad. I say always consider Grey or Amber magic, mostly Grey. (I stick to the old colour system even now when I have Warhammer Magic so I canīt really advice you how to use the Battle Magic Deck.) I always try to get some sort of transportation spell, preferable Grey Wings or Bridge of Shadows. Now when you canīt exchange spells you have to bet everything on one deck to increase your chances of gettin the spell you want. If you get any of the mentioned spells, move treemen and heroes around to take out missile units, warmachines and enemy magicians.

Special Characters


I think heīs far too expensive. His spear is good against greater daemons and large monsters, but I'll rather spend my pionts elsewhere.


She's THE special character. With all her useful items and ability to fly she is to be included in every army if you can. Her Acorns of the Oak of Ages is incredibly useful, land between two units and let it grow. If it is dwarf units they are effectively taken out of the game. Her Wand of wych Elm is one of the best items in the game I think. If you manage to get, for example, the Traitor of Tarn the gam is probably won just by that. Just take over a few guys in each unit and watch them fight. If you get the Bridge of Shadows enemy units will surprisingly often find themselves in a lake, marsh, river or on a steep hill. Once I drowned six Chaos knights in a nearby river and the next turn twelve Chaos warriors stood in a marsh, tied up for the rest of the game. If you take amethyst and get the Purple sun of Xereus or Fate of Bjuna few enemy warriors will live after a few turns. The High magic spell Assault of stone is also very violent if cast every turn. However, she's not invulnerable and you should take care of enemy flyers and missile troops as soon as possible.

Naieth the Prophetess

Nothing special about her. If you play against dwarfs and want two magicians to get 2D6 winds of magic, Nieth is the elf. If you include her consider breaking up your archers into two large units to get the most out of Othu the Owl.


A combined hero and master mage, a good choice if you have the points. His magic items are not useless and he is good for supporting warhawks.

Lothlann the Brave

Decent banner, otherwise see my comments on army standard bearers.

Durthu the Treeman

An extra powerful treeman, I'va had him to kill a dragon with not to much luck. He's very powerfull indeed but he's expensive and come out of the character alowance. For big battles, 3000 points or more.


Nothing special about him. Just a lowly scout champion with the Hail of doom Arrow.

Wychwethyl the Wild

A better-then-average wardancer champion. He is rather good if you can get him into combat and use his Dance of Doom against an archer unit or so.


An ordinary hero with the bow of Loren. Don't use him if you want your general to have the bow. I donīt recommend him at all.

The Dryad Drycha

Skaw the Falconer

Useful for picking out champions and army standard bearers lurking in enemy units. Rather worthless in h-t-h. For large battles only. The Bretonnians Fay enchantress is rather vulnerable to the falcons.

Gruarth the Beastmaster

Good supporting other units attacks. Just don't excpect him to take on an entire unit all by himself. The bolas are mostly annoying preventing a unit moving for a turn.


Guerilla Warfare:

When I play with Wood Elves I try not to get caught into h-t-h combat. A bastion of archers stand at the base line shooting the enemy and the rest of the army is hiding in nearby woods or behind hills. Waywatchers and Scouts stand on the flanks of the enemy or in another wood. When the enemy comes into charge distance just move away so that your opponent never may use his 700 points lord. This is very frustrating for your opponent and he will desparately try to get into h-t-h and move his charcters out of the units. Then you charge him with a chariot, a treeman or something equally violent. If you can, try to assassinate his general early to spred panic. If small units panic shoot at them to bring them under 25% of their original number to prevent them from rallying and spreading panic among your enemys lines. If you feel like and if you have the last turn and is low on victory points tru to cherge his main block frm the rear with your gladeriders or warhawks. This should be enogh t break him and gain you those ill wanted points. Of course do you have to eliminate all of his warmachines, best done with plenty of great eagles, and his missile troops with either glade riders or teleported treemen. Chariots shouldn't be a problem for your archers. And you should make sure always to dominate the skies, have more and more powerul flyers than your opponent.

Ordinary warfare:

If you donīt have any terrain or the terrain you ended up with doesn't please you you can always use a more ordinary tactic. You stand firm and unleash volley after volley with your archers and land with flyers behind his units, not in h-t-h, just to prevent him from marching. Of course do you have to take out his missile troops and warmachines one way or another. When he, preferably shot up quite well, reaches your line attack with everything you've got. This works most of the time. The same comments for flyers as in guerilla warfare apply.